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Let it go! Moving House

Moving house: How to LET IT GO! For many people, letting go of items around the house can be very difficult, especially for those that have a ‘hoarding’ tendency. But let’s get real – you need to be pragmatic and cull items that have been... read more

Fridge Tip!

Last Grocery Shopping Trip 2 Weeks Before Move:  To minimize your food packing go shopping 2 weeks before your move and try to use everything from your fridge you can before the move. Also try to eat everything you can so you have less to pack, throw away, or... read more

Smart idea for packing glasses

Pack Glasses in Wine Case:   To prevent your glasses from breaking go to your local liquor store and ask for some wine cases. It’s a very cheap and smart way to keep your glasses secure and safe from breaking. read more

Protect your cosmetics!

Cotton-ball or Pad in Your Cosmetics:    To prevent your pressed powder cosmetics from breaking put a cotton-ball or pad in the case, enough to have it compact and not loose so it doesn’t crack and break. read more

Colour code your boxes

Create a Key for Box Labels:  No Need to write on each box, just use bright duct tape and create a simple key for each bedroom like, living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Makes it so easy to unpack and find what you need.   Code Boxes with Bright Duct Tape:  Use Bright... read more

Packing books – Tip!

This is one of my favorite tips that I do every move. For all my heavy books, scrapbooks, and magazines I pack them in my rollable suitcases and it makes it much easier to move those heavy items. read more

Packing your spices – Tip!

Fill Crock Pot with Spices:  Get creative and fill your crock pot, large pans with spices and smaller items.  Spices are great to fill a crock pot up because if they happen to spill or break open it will be an easy clean up. read more