Moving house: How to LET IT GO!

For many people, letting go of items around the house can be very difficult, especially for those that have a ‘hoarding’ tendency. But let’s get real – you need to be pragmatic and cull items that have been hanging around like a bad smell – otherwise you’ll find yourself drowning in a sea of boxes, spending far more than you need on moving things that could have been discarded.


Here is a guide on how to cut down your items and cheapen your moving costs:

1. If it’s broken, LET IT GO

We all keep treasured items that break thinking we will fix them one day. If you have been holding onto this project for more than 12 months and it’s gathering dust in your shed … it’s time to bin it or give it away to someone else who may like to take on the project themselves.

2. LET IT GO… in small steps

Clearing clutter can feel like an overwhelming task and cannot be completed in one day. Try tackling just one room at a time and continue working through each room at the end of every week. Start around six weeks out from your moving date and you’ll be thankful you approached the task through incremental stages.

3. Call friends and family to help you LET IT GO

Your friend and family can give you an objective an honest assessment of whether you need to keep that “back-up” plastic kettle, those polka-dot socks you haven’t worn for three years or your crusted-over shoe polish. However, this advice comes with a caveat: Establish an agreement of trust and honour the advice of your friends and family who sincerely care about you and helping you move on.

4. Have a plan 

Does your new home or office have a particular style? Knowing the kind of space you want to create will help you identify the things you will keep or let go.

Anything that doesn’t fit your new plans can go into a garage sale or onto eBay or Craigslist to bring in some extra cash.

5. Work in threes

The age-old sorting system of keep, throw or donate/sell never fails. Work your way through each room with this system and sort them into piles. Anything you keep goes straight into a packing box. Anything you discard should go into a bag for easy disposal. Finally, anything you sell needs to have its photo taken immediately and placed online for sale, or, organise a date for your garage sale. Don’t procrastinate as the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll see your space clear and your bank balance increase!

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